We offer:

  • Short and medium term project management


  • Business and strategic planning  


  • Service review


  • Team development and training


  • Preparation for and delivery of change

How we work

Red Dragonfly Services will provide tailor-made management services. We aim to make things hassle free for you, working as independently as you need us to – whilst remaining accountable and transparent.


Using only known and trusted, high performing social care professionals, we will deliver intelligent, effective and sensitive solutions.


Experienced in therapeutic services as well as management roles, we can provide emotionally intelligent leadership to overcome barriers to change and development. We know how to motivate teams to work with change, and how to make people feel valued and able to contribute their best.

  • Preparation  for Ofsted – aiming for ‘Outstanding’


  • Mock inspections


  • Clinical supervision


  • Staff care – mindfulness and creativity


  • Independent investigation of critical events or grievances


  • Theory of change modelling


Special interests

Red Dragonfly is especially interested in supporting children, young people, parents and families to recover from childhood trauma and abuse by facilitating the provision of a therapeutic care environment.


We believe that all services can be provided in a way which is therapeutic and helpful for people suffering from early trauma. Our approach is based on the work of attachment and mindfulness psychologists/theorists Dan Hughes and Daniel Segal.


We are especially interested in reaching the services where this isn’t usually offered, such as care leavers’ services, youth homelessness services, and drugs and alcohol services.


We welcome the initiative to support mothers who have lost children to care, by providing therapeutic input to help them to heal.

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Qualifications, membership and insurance



Registered with the HCPC No 1081970. Member of BASW

Clear enhanced DBS

Public indemnity and liability insured