Margaret has almost 30 years' experience as a qualified social worker in children and families services, and 15 years' experience as a qualified team and regional service manager. Often described as a ‘self-starter’ and noted for her high standard of work, independent consultancy comes naturally to Margaret.


With a background also in creative dance and therapeutic services, Margaret brings warmth, emotional intelligence and creativity to her management roles, which is a great help to teams who may be stuck or demoralised, or for services wanting to make the next step to dream big, transform and become excellent.


Passionate and committed to her work, Margaret has set up innovative, therapeutic services within local authority, as well as charitable and commercial settings, and has led services to ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted results.


Red Dragonfly Services’ associate professionals are drawn from the high achieving people Margaret has worked with over the years. RDS provides a platform for their amazing work, and an opportunity for them to follow their particular passions to bring about change and improvement in social care delivery.

Margaret Davies, Director


  • Innovative and creative approach 


  • Knowledge of commercial, voluntary sector and local authority services 


  • Contract management and customer relationships


  • Emotional Intelligence and good communication


  • Training and presentations


  • Data analysis


  • Project development and management


  • Ability to create, hold and manifest a strong vision


  • Problem solvers, resilient and resourceful




Our values inform everything we do:  


  • We are committed to improving services to children and families in order to promote the emotional, social, environmental and economic health of the whole community.


  • We believe in the primary role of healthy attachments, and positive interpersonal and systemic relationships, for achieving growth. 


  • We take our responsibilities seriously; have very high standards and personal integrity.